Visualisation – Seeing Yourself at Your Best

I would like to introduce you to something that you do naturally, but perhaps not utilising it and use it to your own advantages. Visualisation. The pictures, the movies you have and see in your mind.

7 Tips To Raise Your Energy

I think we all go through phases when we just don’t feel alive enough to do anything. In this article I share with you a few ways you can raise your energy.

Self-Talk (Video)

Here I show you the power of your thoughts and words that you speak.

I Am Worth It! – 5 Steps to Boost Your Self-Worth

It’s mental health awareness week and for that I’d like to mention self-worth. Whether you believe you are worth it or not.

I am not my body. I have a body.

Let me tell you a story about a girl. A kind hearted, hot-headed funny girl. She was popular, liked by many, but envied, therefore resisted by some. She was very confident or at least that’s what everyone thought.

How to take responsibility (Video)

A video of how to own and control your emotions.

How to tap away your anxiety (Video)

A great way to release negative emotions and feel good in minutes.

Mindfulness (Video)

In this video you can learn how to breathe in a way that your nervous system will calm down.

NLP – The way I see it

This is my story on how NLP changed my life, how I use it in my everyday life and how it influences others with its power.

Mental Food War

When it comes to loosing weight or managing the weight, majority of you thinking of eating less, following a strict diet, depriving yourself every day.

My mission

My mission is to help you to smile again, to feel empowered, to feel confident, to feel calm and relaxed, clear in your mind, focused and productive, to teach you how to enjoy the present without thinking of the past and to look forward to the future.

Change Starts With Me

Indeed, change has to start with me. Years ago, when I realised that complaining and blaming will not make me happy, I mean really happy, my life turned around. use cookies and other similar technologies on this website to improve your browsing experience and functionality of our site. By clicking “I accept cookies”, you consent to the storing on your device of all the technologies described in our Cookies Policy.